Airbus Helicopters and Tata Group Join Forces to Establish Helicopter Manufacturing Plant in India

In a significant development for India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, Airbus Helicopters has announced a strategic partnership with the Tata Group to establish a Final Assembly Line (FAL) for helicopters in the country. This collaboration, unveiled during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to India on Republic Day, marks a milestone as the private sector takes the lead in creating a helicopter manufacturing facility, aligning with the government’s ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ policy.

Airbus Partnership with Tata Group

Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL), an affiliate of the Tata Group, will collaborate with Airbus Helicopters to set up the Final Assembly Line (FAL). This facility, a first-of-its-kind in India, will focus on manufacturing Airbus’ best-selling H125 helicopter from its civil range, catering to the domestic market and exporting to neighboring countries. The FAL will play a crucial role in integrating primary component assemblies, avionics, mission systems, electrical harnesses, hydraulic circuits, flight controls, dynamic components, fuel systems, and engines.

Airbus Helicopters
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Key Milestones and Timeline:

The announcement outlines a 24-month timeline for setting up the FAL, with the first deliveries of the ‘Made in India’ H125 helicopters scheduled to commence in 2026. The location of the FAL will be a joint decision between Airbus and the Tata Group, reflecting their commitment to a collaborative and strategic approach.

The Significance of the H125 Airbus Helicopters

The H125 helicopter, recognized as the world’s best-selling single-engine helicopter, belongs to Airbus’ Ecureuil family, boasting over 38 million flight hours globally. Its versatility allows it to operate in high-temperature and severe conditions, making it adaptable for various missions such as aerial work, firefighting, law enforcement, rescue operations, air ambulance services, passenger transport, and more. Notably, the H125 has achieved the remarkable feat of landing on Mount Everest, showcasing its capability in high-altitude and harsh environments.

Contributing to AatmaNirbhar Bharat:

This collaboration marks a paradigm shift, as the private sector takes a leading role in establishing a helicopter manufacturing plant in India. With a focus on self-sufficiency, the partnership aligns with the Government of India’s ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ initiative, contributing to the nation’s capabilities in aerospace and defence.

Airbus Helicopters
Airbus Helicopters

Expanding Airbus Presence in India:

The projected helicopter production plant will be Airbus’ second FAL in India, leveraging the aerospace and defense expertise of TASL. The partnership extends beyond helicopters, as the two entities are already collaborating on the production of the C295 military transport aircraft FAL in Vadodara. This expansion underscores Airbus’ commitment to strengthening its footprint in India and fostering long-term collaborations.


Airbus Helicopters collaboration with the Tata Group to establish a Final Assembly Line for helicopters in India is a significant step forward for the country’s aerospace and defence sector. The partnership not only supports the ‘Make in India’ and ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat’ initiatives but also highlights the growing capabilities of the private sector in contributing to the nation’s strategic goals. As the FAL takes shape, it represents a beacon of progress in India’s journey toward self-sufficiency in the aerospace industry. Today Tata group is playing a lead role in Make in India Initiatives where they are focusing on Electric cars like Tata Nexon EV, TATA Punch EV, Tata Nano EV which is been linked by millions of Indian Customers.

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