WhatsApp Web Set to Introduce Chat Lock Feature for Enhanced Privacy

WhatsApp is on the verge of introducing a groundbreaking Chat lock feature for its web interface, aimed at providing users with an added layer of privacy and security for their private conversations. This new development, reported by WABetaInfo, follows the footsteps of similar features on the Android and iOS versions of the messaging app. As WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy, the chat lock feature on WhatsApp Web is anticipated to offer enhanced security benefits, especially for users dealing with personal information or sensitive topics.

Privacy on WhatsApp Web with Chat lock feature

WhatsApp is actively working on implementing a chat lock feature for its web interface, as revealed by a recent report from WABetaInfo. This feature is designed to empower users with greater control over the privacy of their conversations, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure from unauthorized access.

WhatsApp Web Lock chat
WhatsApp Web Lock chat

Dedicated Tab for Locked Chats

The upcoming chat lock feature is expected to bring a dedicated tab to the WhatsApp Web interface. This dedicated space will serve as a secure vault for locked chats, providing users with quick and easy access to their private conversations. The development is currently in progress, and users can anticipate the inclusion of this feature in a future update to the web client.

Consistency with Mobile Versions

Drawing inspiration from the Android and iOS versions of the app, the chat lock feature on WhatsApp Web is likely to offer a similar interface. This consistency across platforms ensures a seamless and familiar user experience, making it easier for individuals to adapt to the enhanced security measures on the web interface.

Added Security for Personal and Confidential Chats

The chat lock feature gains significance in scenarios where users need to safeguard personal information, confidential details, or engage in discussions on sensitive topics. By utilizing this new feature, users can establish an extra layer of security, especially when accessing the web version of WhatsApp in shared spaces where privacy is paramount.

Common Questions Answers
Feature name? Chat Lock
Current Status? Under development
Release date? WhatsApp is working on bringing a new chat lock feature to a future update of the web client.
Why I am not seeing this feature, I have already updated my WhatsApp version ? This feature is not released yet because it’s under the development.

Synchronisation Across Platforms

WhatsApp might take the security game a step further by synchronizing locked chats across different platforms. This means that users can seamlessly transition between their mobile devices and the web interface while maintaining the same level of privacy for their locked conversations.

WhatsApp Chat lock feature
WhatsApp Chat lock feature

Pinned Events Feature on the Horizon

WhatsApp is currently in the process of developing a new feature that will empower users to secure their conversations on WhatsApp Web. The upcoming Chat Lock feature aims to enhance the overall security of user interactions. In addition to the chat lock feature, WhatsApp is also gearing up for the introduction of a pinned events feature. This feature is expected to be located under the community info section in the latest version of the mobile app, providing users with a convenient way to access and prioritise important events within their communities.


As WhatsApp continues to evolve its features to prioritise user privacy and security, the imminent introduction of the chat lock feature on WhatsApp Web is a promising development. Users can look forward to enhanced control over their private conversations, ensuring that personal information remains confidential and secure in an increasingly digital world. Stay tuned for updates as WhatsApp strives to deliver a safer and more secure messaging experience for its users.

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