Which state offers BH Series number: You need to know

States offer BH Series

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways introduced the Bharat (BH) Series Registration on August 26, 2021, and it became effective on September 15, 2021. Currently BH series numbers are not offered in all the states of India. Let’s find the List of States offers BH series number.  This system aims to make it easier for employees of the Central Government, State Government, Public Sector Undertakings, and Private Sector Companies with offices in four or more states to transfer their vehicles.

What is BH Series Number

When government or private sector employees move to a new location, it can be challenging to get necessary approvals from the current state, get a new registration for the vehicle in the new state, and apply for a tax refund from the previous state. The BH Series Registration simplifies this process by making one registration mark valid across the entire country.

States offers BH Series
States offers BH Series

Vehicle owners with BH Series Registration need to pay taxes every two years or in multiples of it to the state where the vehicle is located during that period. The state tax rate is 25% higher than the standard rate. This system not only benefits citizens but also reduces the workload for Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) handling such vehicle transfers, making the process smoother.

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How to pay BH Series Tax Renewal online – A Step-by-Step Guide

BH Registration tax renewal

In 2021, the government introduced the Bharat Series (BH) registration for vehicles as a means to streamline and enhance the mobility of vehicles across different states in India. Under the BH Series, road tax is imposed, and this tax is applicable for a duration of 2 years or in multiples of two. As we mark … Read more